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GlocalWin (Beijing) Consulting Co. with Supporting Global & Local Win® as our mission, provide the government institutions and large enterprises with policy/decision making support solutions to their most complex challenges.

Originally founded in 1996, GlocalWin specializes in management consulting, finance and investment, data and information service, ranging from main manufacturing industries and infrastructure sector. We offer leading experience in the market segments we serve, understanding our clients' businesses and objectives, and having the financial resources sufficient to execute and sustain projects from the most basic to the very complex.

While focusing in Chinese market, our integrated global & Chinese workforce allows GlocalWin to deploy optimal multi-disciplinary teams, harmonizing international best practices and local context. Our experienced dedicated professionals have the right technical expertise aligned with client objectives. In 2004, Glocalwin’s consultants successfully bid and completed an ADB financed technical assistance, providing Ministry of Industry/Mine and Energy of Cambodian government with consulting services, the first for Chinese consulting companies.

GlocalWin uses the right proven approach and methodology to reduce client risk and provide best comprehensive benefits, and integrate smoothly with current or other technology. Our reliable service meets performance guarantees with measurable standards for cost and schedule. Clients rely upon our services for industry-best project execution and superlative risk management techniques as crucial to success.

Our practical and cost-efficient/effective solutions allow our clients to focus on their businesses and simplify their lives with a single point of contact, while being offered framework concept to completion work and subsequent support. Among the services we offer are conceptual and preliminary services,  project management, institutional capacity strengthening, finance and investment, data and information provision, and management consulting. GlocalWin has become the market leader in providing consulting services in these areas as well as projects financed by ADB and World Bank in China.

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